Getting Started

Dad liked to start new businesses. Last count was over 40 start ups and you can be sure that there is no way to be sure of exactly how many. It would be fun to write the story of all these enterprises, some were great successes and some were unmitigated disaster. He liked the conceptual part. All that to say, even when he was 75, he was still dreaming up new business ideas and Callaway Blue was his last start up, best I can remember! The spring had been in his Mom’s hands until she passed away in 1995. He had built a home nearby and loved to ride the trails, even when he could no longer see so well. My brother in law, Tom did some preliminary work in determining how to extract the spring water without compromising the pristine area around the spring. Cave divers were brought in to explore, and somewhat to our surprise, they found a system of caverns that allowed them to travel well beyond what we always thought of as the spring. The drivers went to the point they could go no further, and that’s where we drilled a 6″ borehole. Another drilling company drilled 1200′ horizontally from across the highway. The two pipes were connected without disturbing the site. The spring has enough flow that it fills the 6″ line without being pumped. This is great news as it means we do not put any hydralic pressure on the spring formation, or the aquifer. The water flows out naturally, not sucked out like most water company’s have to do to provide for their bottling plants. Across the highway, a bottling plant was constructed, with production lines for 1/2 liter and other small packages, a one gallon filler, and a five gallon line that fills 400 5 gallon bottles and hour. Dad was not shy about taking on new things and in typical fashion, he assembled a team and challenged them. I’ll pick up where I leave off but it’s Friday afternoon and time for my favorite mix of bourbon and blue…..Callaway Blue. Ken


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  1. Marsha Lindsey

    I would love to start receiving gallon of jugs of water i like the fresh taste of it

    • Phebe

      Not sure if you have called our office yet, so please do if you have not. 706-628-1000 or 877-4SPRING (877-477-7464). Let us know your delivery location and we can let you know if you fall within any of our home and office delivery areas. Thanks for your support!


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