Blue Springs-the source of Callaway Blue

The story goes that My Grandparents heard about this remote spring and after several weekend trips into the backwoods of Georgia, they found Blue Springs. Nestled between two ridgelines of Pine Mountain, a hundred mile long mountain range, they were taken by the beauty of the place, the spring and it’s pure water bubbling out of the mountainside. They also discovered a rare late blooming azalea, the prunifolia azalea. You can see one on our bottle. As my father told it, they would barely make it back home when the afternoon rain showers slicked up the washed out clay roads. Grandpa would gather speed going down the hills, fishtail through the lowspots and barely make it to the top of the next hill.

Grandpa quit his job. It was around 1936. He was in his 40’s and had had so much stress from his job, he was already having heart trouble. His children were ages 8 10 and 13, and he packed them up and moved them out into the piney woods, never turning back. Grandma had grown up in a small town in south Georgia. She liked the outdoors. They built a log cabin, or maybe better said a house out of logs. They built a swimming pool out of the native Hollis Quartzite just below the spring. The pool is about an acre, and holds about 2.5 million gallons. It is 63 degrees F year round. Burr!

They liked to have their friends over, so we have lots of great stories and memories. One of the guests was a neighbor from over in Warm Springs, maybe 20 miles away. He visited enough where my uncle, then about 8, told me that he thought that was what the Presidents’ job was…to go around and visit folks. You can see a photo of President Franklin Roosevelt in the video on YouTube or at Grandpa is to his right and the young lady is my Aunt Jinks. The young man is Uncle Bo, who thought FDR was just doing his job.

Enough about things ancient, but we still enjoy having friends over and sharing a cold refreshing Callaway Blue. More later.


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