Buy Callaway Blue at Publix

Callaway Blue is now available in all Publix in the South East. Buy some today! 🙂

You can find our favorite refreshment, Callaway Blue Pure Mountain Spring Water in all 1071 Publix. Yes that is a mountain and the attached photo are the falls at the Blue Springs pool. Our one liter is hitting the shelves as I write, and you may also notice that Callaway Blue enjoys about the same amount of shelf space as Coke & Pepsi’s bottled waters on the Publix shelves in Alabama, Tennessee South Carolina and of course Georgia. Thanks for drinking the best.


4 Responses to “Buy Callaway Blue at Publix”

  1. Deborah Allen

    My husband & I just moved to the Cape Coral area. We were out shopping in a local Publix and had a difficult time finding bottled water that was spring fed. Being from the NE, we had gotten used to Poland Spring water. As it happened, a last case of blue bottled water popped out at us. We read the bottle, decided to give it a try, and are grateful that this water is distributed to our area. This will be the only water we buy. Thank you for your integrity and fine quality!

  2. Rhodope Walker

    I would like to know the address of the public stored and Piggly wiggly in Atlanta that sales the bottled spring water by Callaway.
    I really enjoy this water, the taste is very pure and would like to purchase a couple of cases.
    Thank you in advance.
    Rhodope Walker

    • Morgan Daniel

      You are able to find our product in all of the Publix stores in your area. Unfortunately, we do not service any Piggly Wiggly stores in the Atlanta area.

  3. Tony

    When I was a little boy, there use to be a pipe that run this water out to the side of the road. It came out the side of a small hill ice cold, not sure how the pipe got there. The water was free and all you had to do was take a empty milk jug and fill it up. We use to go up there almost every weekend and fill up 10 – 15 jugs. This water is as good today as it was back then.


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