A History of Conservation

The Callaway family established themselves in central west Georgia’s Troup county area in the 1800’s. Building a name in textile production, some members gained education and remained in the area while others of the family migrated into nearby counties including Harris. There, Cason and Virginia Callaway founded Callaway Gardens and established a legacy of nature conservation and exploration in the relationship of man and nature. This legacy of dedication to the quality of life today includes golf and wine products, publications and digital arts, public and private gardens. And the bottling of pure spring water, naturally refreshing Callaway Blue.

Blue Springs is the heart of the 40,000 acres in Harris County purchased by Cason Callaway, Sr. during the years 1920-1960. Located at the base of the Pine Mountain ridge, the Blue Springs 1,000 acre watershed is adjacent to a 2,500 acre Forest Legacy conservation easement put under protection by the Callaway family in 2004. Between that Forest Legacy and Roosevelt State Park lies an additional 2,000 acres of land owned by the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation (ICCF) that was placed under conservation easement through the Georgia Land Conservation Program in 2008. The ICCF has owned and operated Callaway Gardens, which includes a 6,000 acre public garden for 50 years, promoting it’s concept of man living with nature. The idea of conserving the native flora and fauna was important to Cason Callaway, Sr. and his wife Virginia. Their family legacy encouraged careful stewardship of the land in their descendants and these values continue to be strongly felt by their descendants today.