Cooler Cleaning Tips


Unplug cooler and wash hands thoroughly or put on disposable gloves. Place towel under cooler for spills, remove empty bottle from cooler and set aside. Drain remaining water from tank using both handles. Unscrew each handle from the cooler by turning left and then unscrew the spout from the colored top. Place in sink or dishwasher for cleaning. The inside of these spouts can also be reached with a small bottlebrush or twisted paper towel. From the top of the cooler, remove the collar and spill-guard. The spill-guard can be lifted off by inserting your fingers in either side or under the edge and wedging up. On Alpine coolers it is sometimes necessary to turn the collar before lifting. Remove the small, round plastic filter and it’s cover on the spill guard (this filter should not get wet) before placing the collar and guard in the sink or dishwasher. Remove the plastic baffle from the tank and the drip tray from below the faucets and put them in your sink or dishwasher. Wash all these components, rinse and air-dry or use a lint-free towel.


Before cleaning the stainless water tank, if your cooler has a red (hot) dispenser, plug the middle opening in the tank base with a rubber plug provided by Callaway Blue or drain the hot reservoir by unscrewing the hot water drain line in the back of the cooler. Rinse cooler tank with warm soapy water using a clean sponge or lint free cloth, and then with clear tap water allowing the wash and rinse water to run out the handle connections into a bucket or on the ground. Then, using a solution of 1 tsp. chlorine to 1 gallon water, rinse the tank with this sanitizing solution, allowing the excess again to run through and out. Rinse at least three times with clean water, again allowing rinse to run through handle openings and the hot drain line if you have one. When satisfied that all soap and sanitizer have been thoroughly washed out, let tank air-dry if possible, covered with a paper towel to prevent accidental contamination. Clean and rinse the outside cabinet as needed using soap and/or cleanser, and vacuum the rear of the cooler as needed for accumulated dust.


Screw cap on hot water tank drain line, remove any plugs you may have added, and replace washed cooler components. Start by replacing the baffle securely, then reassemble the spill guard, collar and plastic or rubber gasket, and snap the filter and it’s cover back in place. Wedge the collar snugly down over the reservoir, then screw on the re-assembled handles. Return the bottle to the cooler after wiping down the bottle shoulder. Plug in the cooler and you are now ready to enjoy your premium bottled spring water in a freshly cleaned and sanitized cooler.

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