Giving thanks for consumer choice

Give ThanksIn an article published today in, Adriana Cohen writes of her home state of Massachusetts. ” For the past four years, I’ve been fighting Concord’s overreaching and misguided bottled water ban because A.) the bottles are recyclable; and B.) I understand the importance of consumer choice.”

Ms. Cohen goes on to say, “Americans should have the freedom to choose for themselves what products they eat, drink and purchase in the marketplace without government interference. Keeping bottled water on shelves isn’t about protecting a singular product, it’s about safeguarding consumer choice, because if we allow government to strip our consumer choices, it will erode our free-market economy.”

We agree at Callaway Blue. Customers should have the choice to purchase pure bottled water instead of a sugary bottled drink. We agree that plastic presents an environmental problem, but those same plastics are used in all plastic drink containers, and many other food containers, not just bottled water. Callaway Blue offers our pure spring water to the public in the same form of convenient, low cost packaging that is used by most beverage producers.

Callaway Blue is grateful for it’s customers this Thanksgiving. We are grateful for the growing strength of the national recycling effort. And we are grateful for all the homes and businesses that offer the choice of Callaway Blue.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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