Looking for hot weather pick-me-ups? Natural flavors are a great compliment to naturally pure spring water.

Add Brian Preston-Campbell’s “Cool Waters: 50 Refreshing, Healthy, Homemade Thirst Quenchers” (Harvard Common Press, $12.95) to your summer reading list for some great recipes on how to add natural flavors your natural spring water. A few ideas are:

Citrus water

· Juice of 1 orange · Juice of 1 lemon · Juice of 1 lime · Juice of 1 ruby red grapefruit · 6 cups still water

Combine all the citrus juices and pour through a fine-mesh strainer (or not, if you don’t mind pulp in your water). Add the water, stir and serve cold over ice. Makes 6 servings.

Pineapple and lime seltzer

· 2 limes · 1 cup still water · 1 cup finely diced fresh pineapple · 10 black peppercorns, crushed · 4 cups chilled sparkling water

Juice the limes and reserve the juiced halves. Add juice to the still water.

Place the diced pineapple, peppercorns and lime halves in a cheesecloth sachet, tie securely and place sachet in the lime water. Let steep for at least 2 hours. Remove sachet and squeeze any liquid remaining back into the water. Add the sparkling water, stir to mix well, and serve cold over ice. Makes 4 servings.





2 Responses to “Looking for hot weather pick-me-ups? Natural flavors are a great compliment to naturally pure spring water.”

  1. Eddie Combs

    Please have someone contact me about doing some private label water. We currently are purchasing around 1000 cases at the time and each case has 32 bottles.
    Eddie Combs

    • Phebe

      Mr. Combs: Our sales manager Lee Wall will be happy to help you if he can. His email address is lwall@callawayblue.com . We are happy to do private labeling and are located in West Georgia, mid-way up the state. If you are the Gresco in Forsyth, that is a good fit. We bottle our half-liter, 16.9 oz bottles in 24 case packs. I will give Lee your contact information.


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