Maybe this is why I don’t get it

At Callaway Blue, we are reminded nearly every day by how blessed we are to have a naturally pure mountain spring water, that is recharged from  a  forest that has been protected by the Callaway Family since 1930. It tastes clean and pure and is a healthy refreshing beverage.  So when we see the following comments posted on the internet about one of the really big beverage company* guru’s of marketing and trends, we wonder what is important…

… said guru “explored such topics as the meaning of well-being, sports and fitness, happiness, and the rising value of design in over 30 countries”  Again, said guru “is fascinated by the unprecedented set of socio-historic drivers that are generating dramatic attitudinal changes across the globe such changes as expanding worldviews, increasing demands on businesses (and their customers) to address social and environmental challenges, and the increasing value of human creativity. ”

All along, it has been our thought that our marketing should be “driven” by people wanting a naturally pure spring water that tastes just like what it is….pure spring water. We did not know you needed to factor in all the above to make a product successful.

What do you think?


Ok. Enough of the day has been spent on marketing, time to get back to bottling Callaway Blue

* one of the companies who has for years made serious profit from encouraging to mainline high fructose corn syrup and other impure things into our bodies while distracting us with catchy phrases


12 Responses to “Maybe this is why I don’t get it”

  1. neil kaplan

    why cant i find Callaway Blue spring water in my local Publix in Coral Gables, Fl. ? And how do I order home delivery ? Thank you.

  2. Peggy A. Keady

    I have family who live in Thomaston, GA and recently I bought a bottle of Callaway Blue. It is the best tasting bottled water I have ever had. I wish it was available where I live (Kosciusko, MS). Have a good day.


    Best water I have ever tasted…I tell everyone and they too are hooked…goes down smoothly no after tast…I absolutely love it….. PEACE.

  4. tracie

    I buy your water at Billy’s Supermarket in Cataula! So glad it’s there!

    • Morgan Daniel

      You may visit your local Publix to purchase our product. If there is not a Publix near you, check with your Kroger store manager and they should be able to assist you!

  5. Gail Walker

    I live near Gay, GA (Meriwether County). The only place I have found your water is Woodbury drug store and their hours are so limited I can never buy it. Do all Publix stores carry it?


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