More of Callaway Blue’s Story

The first bottles were filled in June of 2002, and the initial focus was on delivering our pure Mountain Spring Water to our neighbors. The first few years our five gallon  product was the mainstay, and our smaller 1/2 liter product was produced on a relatively slow filling line. Sales grew rapidly and in 2005, the company installed a high speed fully automated production line for filling small bottles. Overnight, our capacity for 1/2 liter and other small pacakages grew expotentially, calling for a new gameplan to get our pure Callaway Blue into a broader area. Shortly after that time, Lee Wall joined us to help get the word out to a broader market. Also, Ken Worley joined us a Manager of Operations. These two individuals complimented  one another and the company has grown steadily under their leadership.  Squeezing into crowded store shelves, up against well established, well advertised brands is a healthy challenge. Thankfully our pure spring water is recognized for its’ purity and acceptance and sell through are helping the efforts of our team. We are grateful that we are on the shelves at Publix and Quik Trip in the Southeast and have recently been told we will be on several more large grocery shelves in the near future. The combination of shelf presence and brand recognition or sell through continues to challenge us everyday. We believe our target group are health conscious families who prefer to buy local, natural products. Tell me what you think.


3 Responses to “More of Callaway Blue’s Story”

  1. Chris DeNure

    Callaway Blue water just seem to taste better to me than any other water. Callaway Blue bottles water on a private label for Georgia Power the company I work for and I get to enjoy the water all the time. I hope to soon see Callaway Blue water in every store in the South Eastern United States.

  2. Beth McLeod

    Would love to be able to buy your water in the northeast! Whole Foods in NY and NJ???? I’m a fan!

    • Phebe

      Please keep asking at Whole Foods. We are in quite a few grocery chains in the Southeast, including Publix and Fresh Market. We have been talking to Whole Foods for a number of years. It often takes public interest to drive a new product placement. Thanks for your support!


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