Callaway Blue Appreciates YOU!

Callaway Blue would like to say THANK YOU to all of our many supporters. As you may know we have been growing our company since 2002. 15 years later and we are still growing! We are proud to be producing a product that everyone can… Continue reading →

Maybe this is why I don’t get it

At Callaway Blue, we are reminded nearly every day by how blessed we are to have a naturally pure mountain spring water, that is recharged from  a  forest that has been protected by the Callaway Family since 1930. It tastes clean and pure and is a healthy refreshing beverage.  So… Continue reading →

Our Short Story

Over the course of a week, there are many conversations where I have a chance to tell the story of Callaway Blue. Although everyone gets a custom tailored to their interest(s) version, the common elements stay consistent, so today, here and now, is the short… Continue reading →

Where does our spring water come from?

Callaway Blue pure and natural spring water comes from an underground aquifer in Harris County Georgia. Rainwater is filtered through the native quartzite rock in the Pine Mountain foothills to give Callaway Blue its low mineral count and clean taste. Surrounded by a protected watershed,… Continue reading →

More of Callaway Blue’s Story

The first bottles were filled in June of 2002, and the initial focus was on delivering our pure Mountain Spring Water to our neighbors. The first few years our five gallon  product was the mainstay, and our smaller 1/2 liter product was produced on a… Continue reading →

Blue Springs-the source of Callaway Blue

The story goes that My Grandparents heard about this remote spring and after several weekend trips into the backwoods of Georgia, they found Blue Springs. Nestled between two ridgelines of Pine Mountain, a hundred mile long mountain range, they were taken by the beauty of… Continue reading →