Maybe this is why I don’t get it

At Callaway Blue, we are reminded nearly every day by how blessed we are to have a naturally pure mountain spring water, that is recharged from  a  forest that has been protected by the Callaway Family since 1930. It tastes clean and pure and is a healthy refreshing beverage.  So… Continue reading →

Our Short Story

Over the course of a week, there are many conversations where I have a chance to tell the story of Callaway Blue. Although everyone gets a custom tailored to their interest(s) version, the common elements stay consistent, so today, here and now, is the short… Continue reading →

For our Children’s health

The article tells us what we mostly know already, but why do we still purchase diluted sugar for our children?

Daytona needs pure natural spring water

Thirsty people need pure natural spring water! In the middle of Bike Week and spring break, there has been an issue with the water system in Volusia County, Florida. In a news broadcast last night, residents and visitors alike were being kept from consuming public water… Continue reading →

Giving thanks for consumer choice

In an article published today in, Adriana Cohen writes of her home state of Massachusetts. ” For the past four years, I’ve been fighting Concord’s overreaching and misguided bottled water ban because A.) the bottles are recyclable; and B.) I understand the importance of consumer choice.” Ms…. Continue reading →

New report notes bottled water is tested more than tap water

In a new review paper the Drinking Water Research Foundation has published a risk comparison using data from sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and presentations from a 2009 drinking water symposium at Yale University. reports… Continue reading →