“The most popular drink in the world”- Sidel VP educates on water types.

In a late March article for BeverageManager.net, Henri Attias, VP of Global Key Accounts at Sidel opens his comments with a quick tutorial on different water types.

“Strictly speaking, water is all H2O. So what makes water types so different?”queried media correspondent Vu Trong Khanh.


Attias- “It has a lot to do with where the source is located and what processes the water goes through before it’s sold to consumers. So there are differences between well water, spring water, mineral waters, distilled water and purified water. Well water, for example, is stored in permeable rocks and soil. It’s similar to spring water in the sense that both are produced from natural aquifers located around rock beds and soil. Spring water, however, moves up naturally to the surface. Mineral water can come from a natural well or spring, but must contain a specified amount of trace minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. When it comes to distilled water, distillation is a process by which water is boiled until vapour is produced. Finally, purified water denotes a process by which contaminants or minerals, or both, have been removed from any water source. Whatever the type of water, the needs of the producers’ needs remain the same when it comes to bottling and hygiene.”


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