Can you say this quickly three times? West Virginia disaster highlights flawed bottled water ban plan.

Adriana Cohen in the Boston this morning points out several fallacies of those who oppose bottled water containers. In times of disaster, bottled water becomes a mandatory requirement for those facing contaminated rivers, devastating hurricanes and earthquakes. Local spring water bottling companies supply that water during those needy times. Packaging issues cannot be a deterrent when people need clean water to survive. Water bottling companies must have a sustainable base of operations to be able to respond to emergencies. And as Ms. Cohen suggests, it is foolish to focus on bottled water when so many other beverages and food products are packaged in plastic.

At Callaway Blue, we are very aware of the important role recycling plays in our marketing strategy. We recycle six streams of product at the plant. We monitor news of research and innovation that might assist us and our customers. We remind customers that the plastic that holds our disposable water products is only a small percentage of food product plastic packaging.

Callaway Blue asks you to think of the plastic container holding your water as a carrier for our life-sustaining product. Thanks to that container carrier, people in West Virginia will have pure water to drink,  Callaway Blue natural spring water. Bottled water is what they require. Join Callaway Blue in our effort to support greater recycling nationwide. Let us separate the container from the product and realize that it doesn’t make sense to shoot the messenger.


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