Our Short Story

Over the course of a week, there are many conversations where I have a chance to tell the story of Callaway Blue. Although everyone gets a custom tailored to their interest(s) version, the common elements stay consistent, so today, here and now, is the short story of Callaway Blue Springs.

The Pine Mountain Ridgeline is one if not the oldest mountains in North America. It is made primarily of Hollis Quartzite, one of the hardest rocks around. Blue Springs, the source of Callaway Blue is filtered to an exceptional purity as a result of the relatively impermeable nature of the rock that underlays the watershed. Our capture or recharge watershed is estimated to be the 1,000 acre surface watershed and it is a protected forest that has had no agriculture activity in modern times so it doesn’t have any contaminants associated with modern farming techniques i.e. agricultural chemicals. Nor has it ever had and other activity such as industry. The watershed is simply an old growth Longleaf forest that has a number of rare and fragile species, such as the Prunifolia Azalea.

Divers explored the Blue Springs cave system (See video on our Website) and were able to get a good distance from the opening. We extract Callaway Blue well before it reaches the surface and it flows naturally(without being pumped) off the site and under the highway, to the bottling plant.

Technically, our 31TDS (total Dissolved Solids or Parts per Million) classifies Callaway Blue as “Ultra-Pure” according to industry standards. More importantly, it tastes pure according to the comments we hear almost daily. One expert at the International Water Festival in Berkeley Springs West Virginia described it as a “sweet” taste.

How fortunate are we! And we get to share this great fortune with you!!!!!

More later about other aspects of why Callaway Blue is so very special, but I said this was to be the short story. Thanks for your interest and please ask for Callaway Blue where you shop


3 Responses to “Our Short Story”

  1. Robert Rains

    I would like to get the home delivery special at $30.00 you show on this site. Please get signed up if you can. I live in Loganville, GA 30052. Thanks

  2. MJ Usery

    I am a fifth generation Georgian. My grandmother, God rest her soul, had a number of sayings. One that fits Callaway Blue Spring Water was in her words — as she would enjoy clean chilled Georgia water — “ah, Georgia water sweet as cherry wine”. Although she was not a wine drinker I imagine you get her analogy. Our family believes it is better water at a much more reasonable price than water from a tropical island or from Europe.

  3. Loren Smith

    I would like to say that Callaway Blue is our new natural spring water of choice. We just moved to Midland from Panama City and one of the best discoveries thus far has been Callaway Blue spring water, & our children love it also. You can literally taste the difference in every sip you take. Thanks to the folks that make it available!


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