Try and Compare Callaway Blue

There is a bill board between the Atlanta Airport and downtown that along with a bare midriff, tells us that their imported artesian water is the best tasting  water in the world.  There was some in the offices at Callaway Blue as we like to stay informed, so I opened a bottle and tried it.  Well it sure is loaded with taste! Callaway Blue is 31 TDS, indicating extremely low mineral content, “ultra-pure” according to industry standards. This advertised artesian water is 464 TDS or more than 10 times the mineral content of Callaway Blue. Everyone’s taste buds are different but this imported artisian water tastes like chalk to me. Our water has what we call is a clean taste. One expert at the International Water Festival  in Berkeley West Virginia a few years back described the taste of Callaway Blue as “sweet”.  We invite you to try and compare! And let us know what you think.


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