Where does our spring water come from?

wcgwstoragezonesCallaway Blue pure and natural spring water comes from an underground aquifer in Harris County Georgia. Rainwater is filtered through the native quartzite rock in the Pine Mountain foothills to give Callaway Blue its low mineral count and clean taste. Surrounded by a protected watershed, this water table escapes to the surface at the approximate rate of  350 gallons per minute from the spring. Read more about underground water storage here. Today, we bottle about 3% of the spring flow for customers who value the purity and taste of Callaway Blue. Allowing the the other 97% to join other spring fed streams in the watershed on their way to rivers and oceans. Try a bottle at a Publix grocery near you.


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  1. Hector Orindain

    we are interested in your water, may i know how much is fob price and the minimum order per shipments

    • Phebe

      Our pallet price is $450.00 USD per pallet of 72 24-pack cases of half-liter bottles, excluding all tax and shipping costs. We also have one liter, one gallon, three gallon and five gallon containers if you are interested.


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